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Assessment and Rehabilitation in Accordance with the European EFQM Excellence Model - PCBS

This project started mid-2015 and included three basic parts: first, training device in staff excellence in accordance with the European model (an international evaluator, leaders of excellence, journey of excellence) where he attended more than 30 participants from all levels of management in the device, The second part included the planning and implementation of a comprehensive institutional evaluation of the device in accordance with the European model of excellence which lasted for 3 weeks in which perform many field visits and access to documents and evidence, Over this part to submit detailed report shows all professional areas of strength and opportunities for improvement that can open up new areas for the device to achieve greater excellence. The third part of the work includes supervising of the follow-up to the improvement projects adopted by the device to move forward in reaching the "committed to excellence C2E" from EFQM European Foundation for quality, Where at the end of the nomination document and project evaluation by residents of EFQM.

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