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The institutional structure of the IDMC from the Board of directors who oversee the overall boss of the company, General Manager of the company that manages its projects and directs all operations and ensures its continuity and growth.   IDMC implement its business through four main functions of operations and projects, administration

IDMC is an Arab consulting firm providing management advisory services to Government and public sector institutions and civil organizations. That source of strength and professional of IDMC is their  experts who have knowledge and extensive experience in building solid foundations in Arabic and international and local markets, plus the

IDMC was established in the end of the year 1996 by group of management engineers, information specialists, and economic and organizational development experts with a vision for enabling enterprise leaders and managers and professionals of the care and application of creativity, regulations and administrative practices renewable world. Our

The strategy of IDMC based on careful analysis at the macro and micro levels and to examine the problems and opportunities for improvement and administrative and technical development of the concentration of solutions based on the human element and the use of indicators and benchmarks assigned amount information technology and management

Since commencing its operations, IDMC has designed and implemented a very large number of projects in Palestine and the Arab World. These projects include, but not limited to, leadership, quality and standards, excellence, innovation, strategic planning, organizational development, and human resource development. Sectors that have worked

IDMC management consists of a number of professionals in managerial positions, including the CEO, the projects and operations manager, the director of business development and public relations, and the financial and administrative manager. In addition, IDMC has a good number of permanent staff in various disciplines. IDMC use local and international
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