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Origin and Vision

IDMC was established in the end of the year 1996 by group of management engineers, information specialists, and economic and organizational development experts with a vision for enabling enterprise leaders and managers and professionals of the care and application of creativity, regulations and administrative practices renewable world.

Our mission is to provide management consulting services to a global level through beneficial partnerships and using the latest technology and administrative and research and developments included educating and directing the training of human resources. Our commitment to the statute to provide an independent services and professional based on the clarity and commitment, responsibility and transparency, fair competition .In our vision and mission we have through the years to provide administrative business systems and new best practices for Palestinian market and Arabic market -over recent years only- like the specifications of food safety  ISO 22000 in 2005, the specification of the Islamic halal in the year 2008, the model of the European excellence the EFQM model in the year 2010, the system of management of risk ISO31000 in 2011, and the system for managing the global partnerships ISO 11000 as well as the system of management of innovation CEN/TS16555-1 in 2016.

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