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Analysis of security vulnerabilities in computerized system in the financial market

IDMC has analyzed information technology systems in the PSE, to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data flowing in the market around the clock. Goal analysis to identify gaps in existing information systems market and find appropriate solutions where the first initiative by the market at this level, the database to be safe from any error or loss of or damage to a portion of the data must be available:

1. appropriate infrastructure (computers, networks, computer room with special specifications).
2. software and operating systems.
3. mechanisms to save, transfer, storage, streaming, archiving, and data binding.
4. ensure confidentiality through encryption, encryption, passwords, prevent leakage or access data.
5. a specified level and the Superintendent of grounds per employee in services and sections.
To access the secure environment and reduce errors and loopholes elite submitted a detailed report on the available hardware and software and networks with important recommendations to avoid disasters and mistakes and developing backups, network, and archiving, among others. It was upon this plan informational disasters protects the system from all dangers.


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