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Human resource development- Ministry of local government

Identifying training needs and developing training folders for staff in the Ministry of local Government to the IDMC that has long experience with governmental institutions in several areas, including "human resources development". In this effort the IDMC study "to identify training needs for the personnel of the Ministry of local government and local bodies to design appropriate training programmes for staff of local government in Palestine. Building on the outcomes of the study and training programs prepared by the elite Ministry of human resources training centre in Jericho where 52 output consisted of a specialized training course in 7 different knowledge areas serve the Government sector. IDMC efforts to spread a second phase during which completed a training folder (25) as a first step. These folders are designed for the Ministry of local government in 7 areas of knowledge are: institutional building, human resources development, public relations and communication, service management and project accounting and financial management, and the use of information technology, the concept of local governance and its role in development. These training materials are currently being used in the training centre for the training of personnel of the Ministry of local government and local bodies and abilities according to specific timetables. Worthy mentioning that the training is over 25 training material and these materials are used periodically.

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