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Dubai Municipality Obtains a Certificate of Global Sustainability from EFQM

Dubai Municipality has managed to achieve significant achievement added to record the many achievements, which succeeded in getting a global sustainability of the EFQM European Foundation for quality, so be the first Government agency in the world and the first on the level of public and private sector in the U.A.E. get this certificate which is the universal recognition of municipal efforts in the areas of environmental, societal and economic sustainability according to global best practices, and was able to get this certificate after successfully completing several stages came within Project carried out by IDMC company and included work on commitment and sustainability model according to the European model of sustainability based on 5 main criteria: management, customers, employees, environment/society, owners/partners, in addition to building and applying many sustainability policies and frameworks and mechanisms in accordance with the global reference comparisons, institutional assessment model of sustainability, training and implementation of ongoing workshops on sustainability, so that was the end result of all these stages is Dubai Municipality's access to global sustainability certificate from EFQM European Foundation for quality, After the implementation of the comprehensive external evaluation.

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