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Project of Training and Evaluation of the Internal Excellence Award- Abu Dhabi Fund for Development


This multi-year project included a number of tasks: first, training on the4th Generation Abu Dhabi Government Excellence Program. Model criteria were explained through examples, workshops and exercises. Second, supervising the task to prepare and evaluate the applications of participants in the Internal Excellence Award (Ruwwad) by explaining the criteria of the award and enabling participants to write and review their own nomination documents; evaluation and preparation of each participant's feedback report (No. 15) along with a list of winners for each of the 9  award categories for 2017; winners of the internal award were chosen to compete in the Government Excellence Program where 2 of them were among the best 10 shortlisted. Third, a training program in innovation was provided to enable employees understand innovation strategy preparation and key innovative projects and provide participants with concepts and tools to formulate and lead new strategies for growth. In addition, we worked on the evaluation of the internal Ruwad Excellence Award for the cycle in 2018, where 24 participations from all categories of the award participated in this cycle.

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