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The Palestinian Police is the First Palestinian Organization to Receive a European Excellence Certificate (C2E) from EFQM.

This project, still under implementation, led the Palestinian Police to receive a certificate "Committed to Excellence - C2E" from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), the first to be awarded to a Palestinian institution.

The project consisted of training police staff on the principles and criteria of excellence of the European model, followed by an assessment of the police according to this model. Based on the outcomes of the assessment process an improvement plan was prepared in which an important set of projects were prioritized and implemented over a period of 9 months. These projects produced planned results that led to the certificate C2E.

The outputs of this project consisted of an assessment report, a prioritized projects plan with defined set of indicators and targets, and finally the “Committed to Excellence” recognition.

The police staff felt for the first time the importance of institutional work based on principles and criteria of documented work which enable people do the job correctly and timely. This model and its applications have made a change in the minds of police officers as it gave them a tool to measure their performance through organized set of indicators and opinion measures that they used for driving improvements.

 Let. Colonel Iyad Ishtayeh, the Project Manager, said “This model made us think that our actions are only means to achieve the results for the benefit of citizens, employees, the police itself and society as a whole”.


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